Friday, March 3, 2017

La Infancia De Mi Abuelita

Ino Brito
P1 English
La Infancia De Mi Abuelita
       I walked into my grandma's room and she was about to take a selfie and post it on Facebook but I interrupted her by asking “Abuelita te puedo preguntar unas preguntas sobre tu infancia ?” “Lo necesito para la escuela”. (Translation:”Grandma can I ask you some questions about your childhood?”) “I need it for school” She then smiled and said “Por supuesto mijo” in a                                                                                                 calm voice (Translation;”Of coarse my child”) “Pero lo podemos hacer mañana?”   (Translation:”But can we do it tomorrow?”) “Sí, pero después qué salgo de la escuela

I walked into the house after school and I sat down on the couch with my Grandma with the sunlight hitting me on my eyes.
Question #1:How was life after you dropped out of High School?
Answer:”It was very hard because everywhere I went there was always people saying words in spanish that I did not understand and it also happened when I tried to apply for a job”

Follow Up:”And what jobs did you apply for?”

Answer:”I tried to get a job as a waiter at a mexican restaurant’’

Question #2:”Can you tell me anything about your parents like what they looked like?”

Answer:”My parents were always nice until me and my brothers made him mad. My parents were pretty short but I barely got to see my father so I don't have a lot of description about him he was always hard working and he was always so serious he had a scratchy voice and it was also deep. My mother was always working around the house and she would always wear an apron that was Green White and Red my mom's voice was very soft. She would also make us a lot of food and I would always ask for more and especially when it was soup with meatballs but every time I would ask for more, she would always say no or else you will end up  like one of those meatballs”

Follow Up:”What was your favorite childhood memory with your Father?”

Answer:”Once me and my dad were lighting up fireworks and then one firework did not really go High Enough and it started falling towards us and we both ran away from it and once it hit the ground it exploded and all the chickens went running away

Question #3:”What was your most favorite childhood memory’’
Answer:”I think it would definitely be when me and my brother Emanuel started to make one of the chickens very angry that it would chase us. I started to get chased by the chicken first and I survived the peckings. Then it was my Brother Emanuels turn he started to poke him and grab her chicks and it finally started to chase him but this time the chicken was very very angry and it started to ruin even faster and my brother also did but since there was many holes on the ground he tripped and fell and the chicken got on top of him and the chicken started to peck him and all I did was start laughing”  

Follow Up:”Haha and did anything happen to that chicken?”

Answer:”Ah yes we had it for dinner that chicken sure was delicious”

Question #4:”So what did you think about mexico?’’

Answer:”I thought that mexico was very nice and calm. Also they had a bunch of food that I really liked and there was also a lot of dancing but at night it was pretty dangerous because there was a lot of people robbing and mugging at night”

Follow Up:”And were you ever robbed or mugged?’’

Answer:”No thank god I didn't though or was even close to”

Question #5:”So what was it like to work at a young age?”

Answer:”It was very hard because I didn't really know that much stuff and so i ended up working in the fields”

Follow Up:”What did you do in the fields?”

Answer:”Usually pick strawberries and cotton”

I told her Thank you for doing the Interview with me and I walked away.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Stay Gold"

Johnny: "Stay Gold" quote.

  What I think this quote means is stay the same as always and be like his mother and johnny himself. Johnny wants Ponyboy to be the same, like stay nice and calm and just dig everything. I think the "Stay Gold'' quote is Johnny's motto because he keeps repeating in the book and its telling other people how to live life. For example you can use the quote for when something crazy is going on or if someone is crazy, they should stay the same but have to be more cool and calm with whats around him. I picked this quote because its telling everybody how to live their life, like to be calm and cool with everything.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


   Some things or one thing actually that I like about what the author did is that he describes why they are hiding from a "Special Goat". Example: Whe hid behind the bushes hiding from the goat because Thalia said to. The reason I was pretty worried was because Thalia never makes hide from something unless it's something that scares her which means it's serious. So that means she was scared and it means it's serious because that "Special Goat" is one of his dad's sacred animals.

The Diaries of The Demigod

      I can relate to the book because they ask him "Your dad is a demigod?!" And he answers like I would when they ask about my dad job he said yeah but having a demigod as a dad is pretty bad because they are monsters that do horrible things, and my dad I s a manager of a cleaning company and people ask "Your dad is a manger?!" "That's cool!" Well I'd pretty bad because, I hardly ever see him so yeah that's cool that I can relate to Luke (One of the characters in the book)

The Demigod

      Some things that I like about The Demigod Diaries is that it started of with a thought and like when they do because, it always ends up being a really good book and I am really looking forward to this book also it kind of starts with a flashback which means something really juicy is going to happen and it will tell us a little more about the character and other characters and it will also tell us about the past. Some other other things are that it is a first person which means it will tell us more about the main character and it leaves you hanging on some paragraph but it means something juicy is going to happen later on.